I began composing at age nine. My first instrument was the organ, not the piano, as most people assume. During my formative years, I also took up the clarinet and the guitar. Later, in my teenage years, I developed an interest in synthesizers and electronic music. The last instrument I added to my arsenal was the piano, at the urging of my middle school music teacher. In my last two years of high school, I had a teacher who was very savvy (some might say ahead of his time) in the use of computers and music. Under his tutelage I developed an interest in multitrack recording and computer sequencing.

I graduated with honors and am still (to my knowledge) the only student in BC to achieve 99% on the Provincial Exam in English Literature. Apparently, I understood what those DWM (dead white male) poets were talking about…

In my 20’s I wrote many songs, both alone and in collaboration with others. I also performed both solo and as part of other groups. I spent some time touring with a Christian vocal group, the Suspenders, as well as with a number of rock and country bands. I entered several talent competitions and finished in the regional Top 10 of the Red Robinson Talent Search, and the Top 50 of the Billboard Songwriting Competition. I was also frequently in demand as a demo singer (a singer who sings on songwriter demos being shopped to other artists). At the same time, I continued to try and improve my music and composition skills by studying voice, piano, and music theory (counterpoint and analysis) privately. Some of my best and earliest collaborative songwriting experiences occurred through the Pacific Songwriter’s Association, where I met several older more established writers and wrote songs with them and attended songwriting workshops. Several of these writers worked in Nashville, and my goal at that time was to try and shop my songs to an established/famous artist. Shortly thereafter I went to the University Of British Columbia, and major in Voice. I graduated with my Bachelor of Music and B. Ed, and was a recipient of the Don Wright Education Scholarship.

Subsequently, I went on to receive my Master Of Arts Degree. Some music from my Thesis project is posted here, Teaching & Learning Shakespeare Through Song. I’ve always maintained an interest in writing music, whether it is pop songs, church music ministry, or choral music for my students to sing. My music has been part of several award-winning educational films made in conjunction with educator Sid Akselrod, including one for the Richmond School Board in that featured my music as a soundtrack and documented the contributions and struggles of Richmond’s Special Needs students. Recently I was married and I am currently living in a state of absolute bliss… God is good!