I have just released What’s A Heaven For, my brand new song.  You can listen to it under  the “Featured Music” section of my site.  The song is one of my best so far, in terms of the technical/recording aspects.  I am especially pleased that I was able to do all the backing vocals myself, in the absence of my frequent collaborators Jennie Emery and Amy Koop.  It also has some rippin’ guitar solos, which is unusual for a Michael song, and my very first “gospel choir’  humming in the background.  I want to do a video for this song, but would like to offer something more than the usual slide show.  Many people have been asking me to do an actual live-action video with clips of me performing a song, and if I can find the time, I’ll try to accommodate their requests.
The song was written and recorded in about the space of a week during summer of 2010.