This is the launch of my brand new web site. Iʼm very pleased and happy to finally be collecting all of my music into one location. Over the years, Iʼve released music in a
number of formats, including a casette tape (back in the 90ʼs— I know a number of you still have a worn-out copy of this one), CDʼs, print sheet music, choir folios, and even a site devoted exclusively to my Shakespeare songs. While all of those formats served their purpose at the time, putting my stuff on the web has really allowed my to see my full body of work, and create an archive of it for future reference. The web also gives me the luxury of being able to flip through my catalogue and feature songs of seasonal interest, such as a christmas song or valentineʼs day love song. The added new feature here, of course, is the addition of videos for some of the songs. Iʼm still new to videomaking, but expect me to gradually improve in this area as I get more familiar with the process. Most of the songs posted here with videos were originally posted on my YouTube account, but again, itʼs nice to have them all in one place without the annoying intrusions of advertising and links to god-knows-what

Some of the material presented here was originally recorded in analog format (meaning MIchael recorded it using a big clunky 8-track machine with spools of magnetic tape).
Itʼs been digitized for the first time, which will make it easier to export to other places in the future. A big thank you to my Mom for doing that… thereʼs no easy way to digitize analog material.. it has to be played through at least once in “real-time” before it can be turned into an audio file, which means someone has to actually sit there and play the cassette tape/8 track through and import it into the computer. Thatʼs a heck of a lot of material to go through…

Stay tuned for more developments!