Welcome to my website!  Some of the music here has never been heard before, while other pieces have been performed publicly by myself or my choirs.  Like Flaubert (a novelist who was rumored to spend a week writing and revising just one page) I have spent many an hour wracking my brain for “le mot juste” (the right word), or in some cases, the “le note juste” (the right note).  I hope that you enjoy the fruits of my efforts.
A number of the songs and all the choral pieces have sheet music.  I’m always excited to get feedback on the music, so don’t hesitate to leave a note in the blog or reply sections.

“If your work of art is good, if it is true, it will find its echo and make its place– in six months, in six years, or after you are gone.  What is the difference? “
–Gustav Flaubert

Faith (Song For My Daughter)

Video is coming soon …