If possible, I would like discontinue or eliminate:
the welcome message
the wedding music page
the upcoming events page

Things I want to continue, in some form, is the organization of the music:

Christian Songs

Christmas Songs

Pop Songs

Choral Music– I would like add two subcategories: Choral Music and Youth Choir.
The first would be for my more serious pieces, the second for pop-choral type songs written for the kids for school. I have several new pieces to add to this category.

Shakespeare Songs (perhaps just a LINK to my shakesongs.ca site, rather, than actually putting them on michaelmikulin.com)

Strings Music (A new category– I have written a couple of pieces for string quartet that I can give you to add to this category.

I still want people to be able to write to me at info@michaelmikulin.com, and to be able to order sheet music or MP3’s.

Q: Not every song has a video, but will every song have a picture, like on Shakesongs.ca?

I am perusing the stock photo website and will send you ideas for some photos I like as general photos for the site (not song specific) .