Joseph’s Hands

This song was written for St. Joseph, and details his incredible life of service to Jesus and his wife Mary, the holy mother. St. Joseph, in addition, to being a model father, is a model of service for us all. This song pieces together all that is known about Joseph from the bible and relates the Christmas story and birth of Jesus in the process.
Note from the composer, Michael Mikulin: This song was originally written at the behest of Sister Kathleen of St. Paul’s Parish, who insisted that I write something to St. Joseph, as hymns to him were somewhat lacking. While the melody came very quickly, the words took some time– I worked on the lyric on and off for almost 2 years… the longest I have ever worked on a song. This is a new recording of it, done in summer of 2012. Hope you enjoy the new instruments and more grandiose setting of this song to St. Joseph!