Where The Bee Sucks

This song from The Tempest is sung by Ariel, a sprite who is in the service of the sorcerer Prospero. Prospero decides to renounce his magical powers (“I’ll drown my book”). Ariel sings this song while helping to attire Prospero, as the sorcerer removes his wizarding robes and dresses in his city clothes, in preparation for leaving his magical powers behind. The song lyrics reflect Ariel’s anticipation of gaining freedom from service and being returned to the natural world. The song proper can be found in Act Five, Scene 1, Lines 88-95. Prospero’s introduction is taken from his speech earlier at 5.1.50-57. Note: Some of the line breaks have been altered to more accurately reflect the musical setting.  I was fortunate enough to enlist the talented Amy Koop for this recording.

02 Where The Bee Sucks (Prospero Mix)

Performed by Amy Koop & Michael Mikulin